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We produce a sustainable future

Brazil has the potential to be one of the world's leaders in the seaweed industry.

Its extensive coastline has the perfect conditions for the cultivation of seaweed. Yet, the Brazilian seaweed industry is mostly untapped and often depends on wild harvesting of algae or rudimentary and scattered culturing techniques.

Prospersea recognises the importance of Research and Development in building a greener and sustainable future.

Our multidisciplinary team of scientists works to pave the way for the sustainable development of Brazilian seaweed farming by inserting empirical expertise and technological innovation throughout the production chain.

Our company is committed to promoting community awareness about the socio-economic and environmental benefits of seaweed farming at sea. We have our own farming culture in Rio de Janeiro's pristine waters, soon expanding to other areas, and also provide scientific and technological support associated producers along the Brazilian coast. By forging long-term collaboration with key universities, research institutions and local government, we support local producers, contribute to the sustainable agriculture growth and bring to high-quality products to you. 


Campos Bromélia


Seaweed farming at sea is more sustainable and productive than any terrestrial crops, with little or no impact on land use and freshwater resources. Seaweed uptakes CO2 from the environment, remove excess nutrients from coastal waters, and enriches the nearby aquatic ecosystem. Our farming site, located in Ilha Grande - Rio de Janeiro are surrounded by Brazil's unique Atlantic Rainforest. We utilize recyclable and renewable materials and add no artificial nutrients to our farming system. 


Campo Orquídea


The integration of seaweed on shellfish farming provides an alternative livelihood to smallholder farmers and improves their shellfish production health and quality. Our company provides scientific and technological support to our partner producers along the Brazilian coast.

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